WCM Plus

Certified Mail® Automation at Your Desktop

WCM Plus is your simplest solution when all you need to do is print Certified Mail without the extra features. If you need tracking, reporting, Firm Mailing Books and Return Receipt Electronic [RRE], try our web-based solution, CertifiedPro.net®.

With WCM Plus, you can print all the components required to send Certified Mail® in as little as 30 seconds, saving you an average of seven minutes on every single piece of mail. And it's easy to get started, just request your free Sample Pack and Quick Start Tour today!

Using WCM Plus, you can expedite a single transaction, or print multiple WALZ forms. If you have batches of Certified Mail to prepare, simply import a spreadsheet of recipient information using the mail merge feature.

When your confidential data needs to stay behind your firewall, WCM Plus is a Windows-based, stand-alone application that does not require an internet connection. All data remains on your computer.

With WCM Plus, We Enable You To:

  • Stay up to date with our USPS® 2018 postage calculator

  • Save time inputting records with our built-in Microsoft Word® macro by simply highlighting address data to print your WALZ Certified Mailer

  • Add your sender information, within an optional predefined field, to help expedite return mail processing

  • Control your settings with customizable sender, postage and printing defaults

A complimentary copy of WCM Plus is included along with training and support when you order WALZ Certified Mailers.

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