Secure Browser-Based Tracking

We understand the value of being able to track your correspondence in detail, and that’s why we have continued to improve and expand the way our clients monitor their critical documents. TrackRight works by pairing WALZ-generated images and data with USPS transit and delivery information, giving your team the technology it needs to prove that the entire mailing process was done right.

Available around the clock 365 days a year, TrackRight is a secure, web-based portal that enables you to view all WALZ and postal events from import to delivery and return, giving you proof of every step you've taken to communicate and remain compliant. Use TrackRight to view your critical documents throughout their life cycle, while taking advantage of our flexible reporting tools.

When you need to recall specific account transactions on the spot—even years from now—TrackRight offers a powerful and flexible search engine that quickly pulls the information you need from your WALZ transaction history. We provide you with a variety of search criteria utilizing single or multiple parameters to pinpoint the records you need.

With its unique array of powerful tracking and reporting functions, TrackRight provides the transparency and accountability required to prove notification of your customers. Images and data from WALZ systems are updated throughout the day, providing a timely audit trail of mailing transactions.

Put TrackRight to work throughout your organization with unique and secure user accounts, ensuring that your teams have immediate access when crisis demands response.

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