Regulatory Compliance

We Help You Make Sense of Regulatory Compliance

No matter how many states you do business in, we can help you comply with every law that applies to your critical communications.

Each state imposes its own set of regulations dictating the way you contact your borrowers, what you say, and when you say it. Together, the laws enforced by every state in the nation require time-consuming efforts to ensure compliance. Trust WALZ to help you keep up with the chaotic pace of legislative changes and implement these revisions in your borrower communications with ease.

With the introduction of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], the landscape has become even more challenging. Drawing on decades of expertise, we anticipate the tension between federal and state laws and regulations, and provide you with the best solutions that satisfy both sets of regulations.

When legislation affecting your business is introduced, we take immediate steps to incorporate new requirements, bringing your notices into compliance in less time. We give you peace of mind by providing comprehensive compliance reviews and updates; timely advice distilled from our legal network; and a proprietary 50-state template database along with best practices for borrower communications.

Find out why the nation's largest banks, mortgage servicers, vehicle finance companies, credit unions, community banks and others trust WALZ as the go-to leader in regulatory compliance expertise.

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