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We Help Streamline the Communication Process

Across the nation, we have helped thousands of clients in numerous industries improve the way they handle critical communications. No matter what type of enterprise you serve, when you are under pressure with a requirement to use Certified Mail® or send batches of important documents—especially within a mandated timetable—WALZ delivers solutions accurately and on time.

Without a partner like WALZ, companies that choose to produce their own critical communications must constantly manage the monthly fluctuations in mail volume with increased labor and additional personnel costs, not to mention purchasing and maintaining specialized equipment. Let us simplify your communications process so you can get back to the work that matters most to you.

No Matter Your Industry, We Can Help

As the industry leader in critical document management and Certified Mail automation, we have the capacity and versatility to partner on a wide spectrum of needs.

From the largest financial institutions, who trust us with millions of important letters each month, to smaller firms with similarly urgent and accountable requirements, we turn your challenges into manageable solutions.

Whether your projects are ongoing or one-time, let us help you with your:

  • Student loans in default [higher education]
  • Lien auctions [self-storage and law enforcement/Sheriff’s sales]
  • Repossessions and vehicle abandonments [towing]
  • Homeowners association compliance
  • Product recalls
  • Real estate [appraisals, title and escrow]
  • And other circumstances requiring Certified Mail
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