Mortgage Servicers

Proven & Compliant Solutions

Working with the nation's largest financial institutions, including four of the top five mortgage servicers, we deliver targeted expertise in the mortgage default space. At WALZ, we've spent decades developing tools that help you succeed.

We save you time and minimize your liability with a range of solutions, from compliance advising and templates to document generation and fulfillment services. All delivered with the highest levels of security and reliability found in the industry.

Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

Today, staying compliant means hitting a moving target. For mortgage servicers, one of the most valuable assets in today's regulatory environment is the confidence that you are in compliance with state and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB] mandates.

We give you that peace of mind by providing comprehensive compliance reviews, timely legislative updates and advice. You’ll also have access to our comprehensive library of reference templates that adhere to all regulatory requirements and integrate current industry best practices.

Our compliance teams evaluate your notices for conformity with current regulations, consulting with you on the content and format of your breach and collection letters.

Some of the Most Common Notices We Process

  • Loss Mitigation notices, including Loan Modifications, Borrower Packages and “Waterfall” response letters
  • Pre-foreclosure notices such as the Notice of Intent to Foreclose [NOI]
  • GSE letters for Fannie Mae [FNMA] and Freddie Mac [FHLMC]
  • Home equity lines of credit [HELOC]
  • Affidavits of Indebtedness [AOI]
  • Acquisition letters
  • 2nd Liens

In addition, when there is breaking news of CFPB and state requirements that affect your business, we proactively keep you informed.

Utilizing our proprietary research and resource network, our team consults with you on all pending and active regulations that affect your business.

Through conference calls, monthly interactive webinars and bulletins, we work with you on an ongoing basis to implement these necessary changes in producing your borrower communications.

Document Fulfillment Services That Work for You

At WALZ, we start with compliance and then streamline the time-consuming work of contacting delinquent borrowers by producing your critical mail and giving you control over how you track and manage your documents after they're dispatched. From our facilities in Phoenix and Southern California, we can print and mail your foreclosure notices, default and breach notices, HAMP and loan modification packages and beyond, applying our proprietary tracking and returns management tools to help ease the workload.

Throughout our fulfillment facilities, we guarantee the highest level of process integrity and client care. In 2015, WALZ achieved auditable Service-Level Agreement SLA compliance on over 20 million pieces of critical mail processed.

To make our critical document services work seamlessly with your business, we integrate with various technology platforms using diverse delivery models and data schemata that include Technology Enabled Services [TES] and real-time Web Services.

A Representative List Includes:

Mortgage Servicing Platforms
  • Black Knight Financial Services
  • Fiserv
  • Or your own internal proprietary servicing platform(s)
Case-Management Systems
  • CaseAware
  • Foreclosure Services, Inc [FSI]
  • Perfect Practice

Powerful & Comprehensive Tracking with TrackRight™

During the life cycle of a delinquency, various departments need access to the same data regarding First-Class and Certified Mail® notices. TrackRight is a secure and unified interface for use throughout your entire organization. Associating images and data generated by WALZ with USPS® transit and delivery data, we provide you a comprehensive view of the entire printing, mailing and return process.

Give your customer service, legal and compliance departments the tool they need to have confidence that the entire mailing process was done right. TrackRight has proven itself to be an effective ally when facing legal challenges pertaining to allegedly improper borrower notification.

Get proof, right when you need it.

Security in Knowing Your Data is Protected

At WALZ, security is paramount. We maintain SSAE16 SOC-1 and SOC-3 annual certifications and adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley standards. We also offer third-party verification through Verizon's CyberTrust Security Management Program, which performs quarterly inspection of all network components, external and internal applications, system vulnerability checks, e-mail penetration, war dialing, and wireless network integrity.