We Can Help You Reduce Your Liability

Keeping your policy holders informed of changes in their coverage is a legal requirement that demands perfect timing.

These communications are some of the most important you will send while managing your business. We save you time and money by processing notifications—from collections to policy cancellations to forced placed insurance—quickly, accurately, and with total accountability.

Offering specific turn-around times to meet your most urgent deadlines, we understand your requirements for precisely timed client notifications, allowing you to adhere to both state and federal regulations.

We work with you, across all insurance sectors, to ensure that your client communications are dispatched correctly and with the utmost attention to data security.

Our Certified Mail® fulfillment services streamline your customer communications regardless of the type of insurance you provide, including health, auto, life, homeowners, renters, workers compensation, or property and casualty. If you have claims, cancellations, forced placed or any other type of insurance notifications to send, choose WALZ to get the job done right.

Fast & Effective Document Management

We produce and send millions of important documents every month from our facilities in Phoenix and Southern California. Our proprietary tracking and returns management tools provide you full control, to the point of knowing where each of your documents is in the mail stream.

With more than 30 years of experience working alongside some of the nation’s largest financial service companies, we guarantee the highest level of process integrity and client care throughout our fulfillment process.

WALZ consistently achieves auditable Service-Level Agreement compliance on over 20 million pieces of critical mail processed every year.

The Power to TrackRight When You Need It

During the life cycle of an insurance notice, various departments need access to the same mailing information. TrackRight can be accessed throughout your organization, providing your team with a comprehensive view of images and data generated by WALZ, paired with USPS transit and delivery events.

Give your customer service and legal departments the tool they need to have confidence that the entire mailing process was done right. TrackRight has proven itself to be an effective ally when facing legal challenges pertaining to alleged improper notifications.

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Simple & Fast Certified Mail® Automation

If you are required to process your Certified Mail in-house, we save you time by automating your processes while providing proprietary tracking and returns management tools.

Our forms and automation software make it easier than ever to prepare and manage all aspects of your critical mailings, from the desktop through your mail room to returns processing.

Whether you need to send a handful of important letters or thousands on a regular basis, let us help you meet your deadlines with ease.

Forming the basis of our desktop Certified Mail solutions are the patented Walz Certified Mailers. Paired with our state-of-the-art automation services, these products simplify and expedite the tedious work of completing and tracking postal forms, and have helped thousands of clients across the nation through over 300 million transactions.

Audited Data Security & Integrity

In a partnership, security is everyone’s business, especially when managing policy holders’ information. With our SSAE16 SOC-1 and SOC-3 certifications, we adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley standards. Because we voluntarily participate in third-party verification through Verizon's CyberTrust Security Management Program, you can be assured that we address system vulnerability by participating in quarterly inspections performed on all WALZ external and internal applications and network components. We also test for e-mail penetration, war dialing, and the integrity of all wireless networks.

Moving Forward

We foresee a day when cancellations of health insurance will be subjected to increased scrutiny and usher in a tightly regulated process to protect consumers under the Affordable Care Act.

Because we are experienced in dealing with highly regulated processes, such as in the state and federally-regulated mortgage industry, WALZ is in a unique leadership position to help you navigate the unforeseen requirements you will inevitably encounter.

At WALZ, we are known for our adaptability and creativity when solving difficult challenges to the benefit of our clients.

If you are interested in breaking new ground, we invite you to partner with us as we explore the possibilities.

Because of the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act, we are currently exploring how to broaden our compliance-centric solutions, forged in the heavily-regulated mortgage industry, to meet the urgent needs of the nation’s healthcare providers. The landscape of the industry is rapidly changing in ways that will alter your customer communications and necessitate a new approach. You need a partner with the resources and tenacity to navigate the murky waters. Every state in the nation has an insurance commissioner supported by a staff to enforce legislation that differs from state to state.

Choose WALZ to help you avoid the liability of improper notification—penalties that can include lawsuits, fines and license revocation.