We Live by Your Standard, Too

In courthouses and state treasurers’ offices across the country, we provide time- and money-saving solutions to help your communications run more smoothly. Our patented Certified Mail®tools and integrated software have enabled hundreds of government entities to optimize their critical communications, including child support notices, property tax delinquencies, citations, cancellation of driver licenses, Sheriff’s sales, wage garnishments and more.

Whether you work for a city, county, state or federal agency, we provide solutions that work within your data restrictions, from encrypted transfers to desktop software that allows you to keep your sensitive information behind your firewall. From import through fulfillment, we are your critical communications partner. Find out how we help you handle the mail so you can get back to business.

Full-Cycle Document Fulfillment Services

At WALZ, we help you manage your mailings by processing your critical documents and giving you control over how you track and manage your communications after they leave your desk. As your documents hit the mail stream, we establish proof of mailing and provide proprietary tracking and returns management tools to ensure all steps in the mailing process have followed protocol.

Throughout our fulfillment facilities, we guarantee the highest level of process integrity and client care. Our dual “hot-swappable” production sites guard against down time, giving us near-perfect auditable Service-Level Agreement [SLA] compliance on over 20 million pieces of critical mail processed each year.

Accessible Tracking Throughout Your Agency with TrackRight

During the course of your critical communications, various departments need access to the same First-Classand Certified Mail details. Our secure and unified interface, TrackRight, can be used throughout your organization, providing you a comprehensive view of the entire printing, mailing and return process.

TrackRight consolidates all WALZ and USPS®delivery events, data and images in one place, providing robust monitoring and reporting right from your TrackRight dashboard.

Automated Workflows for Certified Mail

With more than 30 years of experience in Certified Mail solutions, we save you time by automating your processes and providing USPS tracking and returns management tools. Our forms and integrated software streamline every step of the mailing process, from the desktop through your mail room to returns processing. Whether you send a handful or thousands of important letters on a regular basis, let us help you meet your deadlines with ease.

The patented Walz Certified Mailers are the basis of our desktop Certified Mail solutions. Paired with our automating technology, these products alleviate the tedious work of completing and tracking postal forms, and have assisted thousands of clients across the nation with 300 million transactions and counting.

Documented & Verified Data Security

At WALZ, we perform quarterly inspections of all network components, external and internal applications, system vulnerability checks, e-mail penetration, war dialing, and wireless network integrity through the third-party Verizon's CyberTrust Security Management Program. We maintain SSAE16 SOC-1 and SOC-3 annual certifications and adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley standards.