Critical Document Management

For When You Need Timely and Compliant Communications

These days, there's more to mailing than addressing an envelope.
No matter which industry you are a part of, government regulations dictate how and when you send important notices, as well as their format and content. If you're going to avoid the penalties and delays that can result from an improper notification, you'll need a partner who does more for you than the average print-and-mail shop.

As the industry leader in critical document management, WALZ has developed proprietary technology to integrate with multiple systems and platforms, seamlessly importing and exporting your data with ease. We then give you uniquely powerful tools to dispatch and track any number of important letters while meeting your most urgent deadlines. And we do it all with precision, satisfying the increasingly complex government regulations imposed on your industry.

In default and foreclosure, communicating with borrowers regarding their distressed mortgages is a highly regulated compliance laden process exposing you to increased risks. What sets WALZ apart is our expertise and ability to operationalize compliance. When you partner with us, you benefit from a pre-production process that is compliance-centric and built from the ground up with intelligent quality control. Sending notices that are correctly timed and formatted every time requires intuition and attention to detail that you simply won't find anywhere else. Let WALZ take care of the data, printing, tracking, returns management and storage.

We process millions of letters each month from our two fulfillment sites in Southern California and Arizona, which are "hot-swappable" to prevent downtime. In 2015, WALZ achieved near-perfect auditable SLA compliance on over 20 million pieces of critical mail processed.


Loss Mitigation with WALZ: Proven Efficiency and Risk Mitigation

When communicating with borrowers in delinquency or default, you’re trying to limit your losses, not incur more risk. But it’s especially difficult at a time when regulators across the country are scrutinizing loss mitigation practices.

Now that WALZ has joined LenderLive, we offer a strengthened suite of services and expertise in every step of the cycle from delinquency to default. Whether you’re sending loss mitigation notices, solicitation and acknowledgment notices, managing borrower response packages, or need our expertise and resources for the entire loan modification process, we can help you to restore operational efficiency and minimize risk throughout your loss mitigation efforts

In recent years, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and state regulators have intensified their focus on loss mitigation. But a number of other government agencies, from Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and even the Department of Agriculture (USDA) issue guidance that must be considered. Because WALZ has a committed team and processes focused on compliance, it is in a unique position of advising our clients on every rule and regulation governing default communications in the mortgage industry.

In loss mitigation, delays are costly, and mistakes can be devastating, so it is imperative to align yourself with an experienced vendor whose specialty is a compliance-centric process. Find out why so many of the nation’s largest mortgage companies trust WALZ.

TrackRight — The Right Tool That Gets the Job Done

With TrackRight, we deliver the features you need to efficiently manage and monitor your critical communications. When you log into our secure web portal, all of your mailing information is at your fingertips, from document images before sending, to USPS return receipts and undelivered mail.

TrackRight provides letter-level updates, pairing WALZ images and data with USPS mailing events to give you an accountable record of each transaction. And we securely store all of the information so that you have access for years to come, should you ever need evidence of the mailing.

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