Certified Mail®Automation in the Browser

We all know Certified Mail can be time-consuming and hard to manage, both at the desktop and mail center level. By automating the process, our CertifiedPro.net service can help ease the pain.

CertifiedPro.net is a full-cycle mail management system that can generate and track your Certified Mail in a matter of seconds. This web-based service works seamlessly with our forms and envelopes without requiring software downloads, installations or updates.

Using CertifiedPro.net allows you to manage every step from data entry through the mail center to confirmation of delivery, return receipt and processing of unclaimed mail. Knowing that security is important to you, we offer the ability to create and manage administrator and user roles with unique, secure account logins protected by SHA1 hash encryption.

Whether you need to send one piece of mail or many, CertifiedPro.net allows single entries or batch uploading of up to 1,000 records per transaction. Learn about our RPM solution for larger mailings.

Eliminate the guesswork before mailing with our automatic postage calculator, and afterward with our USPS® integrated tracking system, updated four times daily.

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminate manual entry by importing and managing your existing Address Books
  • Ensure increased deliverability within the USPS utilizing our CASS-standardized addressing feature
  • Easily generate a Firm Mailing Book [PS Form 3877] for proof of mailing and expedited processing at the USPS
  • Use traditional Return Receipt for absolute “wet signature” proof of delivery
  • Save $1.25 per mail piece with Return Receipt Electronic [RRE] when digital signatures are appropriate
  • Access and download RRE signature images 24/7 for up to seven years
  • Customize your green cards with user-defined fields for cross-referencing and routing returned mail
  • View overall account activity with administrative-level reporting, or generate single-user reports
  • Works with WALZ Form 45663NB, 6X9 and 9X12 WALZ envelopes

Our forms have been revolutionizing office workflow since the 1980s. CertifiedPro.net is the service that keeps your Certified Mail processes running smoothly in the 21st century.

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