Certified Mail® Automation

Certified Mail Doesn't Need Be So Tedious

Let's face it, you use Certified Mail because you have to; it's the required method for sending important notices. It's labor intensive and expensive, but with our patented solutions, we can save you time and money in every aspect of the mailing process.

With over 30 years of experience automating Certified Mail, our tools make it easier than ever to manage your critical communications. Whether you need to send a handful of important notices or thousands on a regular basis, let WALZ turn this workload into a manageable process. We've even built in some intuitive features that make Certified Mail work better for you.

Forming the basis of our Desktop Certified Mail services are patented Walz Certified Mailer forms and envelopes. Paired with our proprietary software applications, these products simplify and expedite the process, and have helped thousands of clients across the nation with over 300 million transactions.

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All of the following software solutions are available with tech support and training through the purchase of our Walz Certified Mailers

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CertifiedPro.net® — Certified Mail In The Browser

You do everything else online, so why shouldn't you be able to securely send and track your Certified Mail from the web? You can with our CertifiedPro.net platform, which generates your mailings within seconds and follows them through the full life cycle of delivery and return. Requiring no software downloads, installations or updates, CertifiedPro.net gives you the flexibility to create administrator and user roles with unique, secure account logins.

Eliminate the guesswork before mailing with CertifiedPro.net's built-in postage calculator, and afterward with our USPS®-integrated tracking system, updated four times daily. You also have round-the-clock access to your proof-of-mailing documentation, images of your Return Receipt Electronic [RRE] signatures, and powerful reporting.

RPM — High-volume Certified Mail

Remote Print & Mail [RPM] is our solution designed specifically for companies that produce high-volume mailings in-house, or for third-party print and mail vendors. RPM puts our powerful services to work for you by translating raw recipient data into a printable file, integrating our forms or envelopes with your existing process without having to rethink your work flow.

View and print your delivery status and RRE signature images utilizing TrackRight, our letter and postal event tracking management service. Configurable weekly reports of mail activity including a zip file of RRE signatures are available upon request.

Whether you choose CertifiedPro.net or RPM, rest assured that your data is protected by the same rigorous standards that safeguard all of our systems and facilities.

WCM Plus — Certified Mail at the Desktop

Built for those who work with sensitive data that needs to stay behind a firewall, or are still filling out Certified Mail by hand, WCM Plus is the simple desktop solution.

Our automation software turns your PC and printer into an efficient Certified Mail system. This lightweight application saves you precious time while putting a record of your correspondence at your fingertips. Request your risk-free Sample Pack and Quick Start Tour today.

The great advantage in using WALZ as your critical mail partner is that we offer solutions at any level of your needs and any level of your growth.

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