About Us

At WALZ, we believe you can't put a dollar amount on experience, and that the most valuable asset is a strong relationship with a partner you can trust.

The Walz Group is passionate about understanding our clients. We remain the premier provider of compliance technology by listening to the businesses we serve, pinpointing their needs, and building tailored solutions that comply with federal and state regulations.

As the most frequently chosen trusted advisor among the top 10 mortgage servicers in the U.S. and 25 of the Fortune 100, the Walz Group has built an industry by saving our clients time and money while offering them peace of mind as an authority in secure, compliant communications.

True to our core beliefs, we take our clients’ pain personally. As a team, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table, along with the passion to innovate that made us what we are today.

In May 2015, WALZ was acquired by LenderLive, a domestic-based mortgage services provider that offers the scale, experience, and security to support its clients' origination, servicing and loan purchase operations.

While providing strong complementary services to LenderLive in the areas of loss mitigation and mortgage origination, WALZ remains a stand-alone division focused on a range of businesses in highly regulated industries facing stringent and ever-changing compliance requirements.

How We Got Started

Inspiration Strikes at the Oddest Moment — In this case, while stuck in traffic on the drive home from Los Angeles. It started with a thought:“There had to be a better way to do Certified Mail ®…”

The year was 1983, and WALZ was immersed in automating the California trustee industry with its document generation technology to process foreclosures. Meanwhile, businesses around the country were still using typewriters or hand writing to complete their Certified Mail paperwork.

Rod Walz, founder of the Walz Group, had already introduced a form set for automating Certified Mail in the foreclosure industry, and his inspiration was to take it national. The idea took off like wildfire.

Our history since could be a case study in how the right technology makes businesses more efficient. By placing clients’ needs before the bottom line, WALZ has earned a reputation for critical problem solving, at every level, from the mail room to the board room.

Our earliest patents revolutionized the way people used Certified Mail. Later, in 1990, WALZ pioneered office tracking automation with the creation of the Walz Item Tracking System. [WITS]

We further expanded our contributions in 2002, when we partnered with a national mortgage servicer to process and manage their critical documents with our data, mailing and compliance services.

The tradition continues today, with pace-setting technology, passion, and expertise that help keep you in step with the escalating demands of staying compliant.

For over 30 years, we have had one goal: to give you peace-of-mind in your critical communication.

WALZ giving back

Giving Back Is in Our DNA

Woven into the fabric of our company is the belief that generosity and success go hand-in-hand, and we are dedicated to supporting charitable causes that serve our local community and change lives. In keeping with the culture of corporate responsibility at WALZ, we are proud to support the American Cancer Society.

The Walz Group is grateful to have earned the trust of more than 2,500 clients through over 30 years of service, and we are honored that our efforts not only assist industry-leading companies, but also support our philanthropic partners in their work for the greater good.

Association Memberships

With hundreds of years combined experience in the banking industry, we understand the regulatory burdens of the companies we serve.

We put that expertise to work in helping mortgage servicers, trustees, foreclosure law firms, and other large organizations reach borrowers and customers who are in delinquency, default or foreclosure.

We fight for you by contributing to industry legislation and participating in numerous associations and committees that affect the ways you do business, including:

  • American Bankers Association [ABA]
  • American Financial Services Association [AFSA]
  • American Legal & Financial Network [ALFN]
  • Association of Legal Administrators [ALA]
  • California Mortgage Bankers Association [CMBA]
  • Consumer Bankers Association [CBA]
  • Mortgage Bankers Association [MBA]
  • Texas Mortgage Bankers Association [TMBA]
  • United Trustee Association [UTA]
  • USFN - America's Mortgage Banking Attoneys®

Certifications We Hold

WALZ maintains SSAE16 SOC-2 and SOC-3 annual certifications and adheres to Sarbanes-Oxley standards. By exceeding the security requirements imposed on our clients, we act as your partner in preserving the integrity of your company's security.

In response to the constantly evolving nature of data security threats, WALZ participates in Verizon's Security Management Program, which performs quarterly system and network assessments. This program includes inspection of all network components, external and internal applications, system vulnerability checks, desktop risk assessments, e-mail penetration, war dialing, and wireless network integrity.

Based on over 30 years of expertise and millions of secure transactions, WALZ meets our commitments to you by keeping your data tightly fortified.

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