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Scalable SaaS-enabled technology platform
processing millions of transactions per month
Data, Reporting and Analytics web portal for
Auditability, Trackability and Non-Repudiation
  • Financial Services
  • Mortgage Servicers
  • Foreclosure Attnys/Trustees
  • Auto Finance
  • Credit Unions
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate Tax
  • Self-Storage
  • Built on open standards
  • Integration with industry platforms through WALZ plug-ins
  • Customized solutions built on
    Interoperability standards
  • NIEM
  • XML
  • IaaS – Cloud services that
    exceed gov’t and financial
    security standards
  • e.g. SOC 3, ISO 17799

"Your compliance bulletins are extremely helpful by keeping us updated on rapidly-changing regulations and more importantly, providing direction on how to operationalize them. We have been impressed with your technology and operations and have saved thousands of hours in FTE cost avoidance and savings."

Client Executive,
Top-5 National Bank’s Servicing Operations
(Client name protected to maintain confidentiality)

WALZ is committed to environmentally responsible practices and reducing the impact of business on the environment.

We are focused on a greener office environment with business practices that enable reduced electricity consumption, intelligent HVAC energy usage and active recycling of glass, aluminum, paper, plastic, and cardboard. We have also introduced recycled content for paper and envelopes used in production.

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